Jousting is available in many forms and can be varied endlessly. Celeres Nordica offers everything from small shows with one or a few knights at a local riding school to full scale shows with knights, jesters, people breathing fire and foot soldiers on a big medieval festival. We also have experience in filming and can offer both equestrian stunts and stage fighting. 

The following are examples of what we in the Celeres Nordica have done ​​in recent years:

- Classic jousting shows in all forms

- Fire shows with and without horses

- Formation riding

- Side-saddle shows

- Film and music videos

We have riders that can perform dressage of the highest level, such as piaffe, passage and levad (even in side-saddle). We also have riders who can ride without a bridle. Horsemanship is a central part of the association and this gives us a unique opportunity to entertain even a very educated audience of riders.

The show can be structured in different ways and placed in a time and place that suits the organizer. It can follow a more advanced story or be a simple joust. There is every opportunity to participate and influence the design, and we can tailor the tournament after the organizer's wishes. 

Regarding sound and light equipment we are fully equipped.

A small taste of what Celeres Nordica has to offer is available in the gallery.

Celeres Nordica can do a real joust, in the true medieval form of

competition, where the knights face each other for real. We are the only group in Sweden with modern versions of historical armor that has experience and skill enough to accomplish this. In this sport, where the goal for the knight is to shatter his lance against the opponent's shield in full gallop, the safety aspect is especially important. Therefore, we have high demands on the riders ability to handle lance and horse, as well as being able to keep a cool head. Thanks to the armor, our knights can take a hit

outside the shield such as on the chest or helmet without risk for the jousters safety, which allows us to give the audience a completely authentic experience where knights clash in front of their eyes, both doing everything to defeat his opponent.

Besides regular shows we can also offer exciting fire shows lit by torches where the knights ride through fire and smoke, the targets are burning and jesters breathe fire. Together with mysterious music and lighting this is a magical experience! For further information about the fire show, click here.