Our knights and foot soldiers have taken part in so many films, music videos and TV programs that we've lost count.

We have horses of several different breeds and colours (not ponies though) and quite a few of them are trick trained. We have skilled riders and well-trained horses who can do most tasks. We have riders who can jump, ride side-saddle, ride without a bridle etc.

We have horses that can  rear, lie down and bow. We have our own clothes and armour that reflect  from the 12th century to late 14th century, but of course we work with whatever costumes the customer wishes.

Our foot sooldiers are perfect for battle scenes on foot or for fights between rider and foot soldier.

Look into our gallery for links to some of  our previous assignments.

If you need horses, riders, foot soldiers or just people in medieval clothes, don't hesitate to contact us.

Two of our riders in a side-saddle formation show with 18th century theme, Summer 2014.

We have knights with plate armour from late 14th century as well as chainmail clad knights from the 13th century. A few of the knights also have 15th century armour.

One of several white fairytale horses. Several of them are trick trained.

We also have a number of black pearls.

We have horses that can lie down on command.