For those who are no longer with us, but will always be in our hearts.

Geus Fan é Bun

Geus was a real gentleman both on the court and off. His beautiful exterior made ​​him an obvious crowd favorite, but it was his friendly and calm personality that made ​​him the star he was. Fire shows, quadrille or jousting, Geus was always there, no matter what challenges we put in his way. He suffered a severe injury while playing in the pasture and, despite emergency surgery, his life couldn't be saved. He is mourned and missed by many.

Triguero "Tore"

Tore was a fighter who always did everything for his rider. He competed in show jumping, dressage and jousting, and was with his beautiful looks and friendly gaze always a crowd favorite. Tore was taken from us far too soon after an injury.

Mr Higgins

Higgins was a gentleman who was for many years the horse of Enhörningens Riddare. After a long and faithful service he went into the eternal sleep due to old age.

Jeanne d'Arc "Jeanette"

One of Celeres Nordica's toughest and most popular horses left us far too early to graze on the evergreen meadows. Jeanette, or Jeanne d'Arc as her real name was, was a limber western horse, a brave knight's horse, a powerful dressage horse and an explosive jumper, all in one headstrong and sometimes very defiant package. Jeanette was the type of horse that went her own way, but on the jousting course she always did everything for her rider. With Jeanette, Klas “Tjuren från Östra Aros” Lundberg won the European Championships in 2010.  Jeanette is mourned and missed by many.

Wanette "Nettis"

Nettis was the explosive steed of “Nattens Fasa” for many years. At a young age she lost her left eye but it did not trouble her the least. Nettis had a long career as a jousting horse, but also as beloved family horse. She carried her rider both throught fire and over obstacles. On several occasions, she helped knights to reach prominent placements in competitions, both in Sweden and abroad. We will miss Nettis as she gallops on the evergreen meadows.