Calendar 2017


May 9: Private booking, Eriksskolan, Uppsala


May 21: Dress rehearsal, UPK, Uppsala


May 26-27: Swedish Championship, Hovdala castle


June 3: Private booking bachelor party, Uppsala


June 3-4: Shows at Tönsberg medieval festival, Norway


June 10: Show at Stockholm Equestrian Games, Ryttarstadion, Stockholm


July 8: Show at Nedergården, Rånäs


August 12-13: International competition, Brooks Medieval Faire, Canada


August 13: Show at Oland Visar, Alunda


July 14-16: Display of armour and weapon training together with Medeltidsgruppen Glimmingehus 1470-99, Glimmingehus


July 22-23: Displays at Arena2017, Sparreholm castle


September 2: Displays and joust show in Tornerparken, Uppsala castle


September 9: Rossfechten display, Feira, Rotbrunna


September 9: Fire show in Odinslund, Uppsala


September 24: Show at Akademistallet's Day, Uppsala
















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